In this, I’m trying to explain the five most important digital marketing skills which are relevant and in demand for 2022 and beyond. 

It’s always better to understand less rather than misunderstand more, as digital marketing has become a buzzing word on the internet everyone is trying to put out content related to digital marketing so it’s crucial to analyze the pattern before you start your journey with digital marketing and create a proper framework which can help us increase our learning and execution curve 

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How this Blog “ 7 Important Digital Marketing Skills” will Help You?  

I am not seeking attention instead I am writing with an intention 

Every content creator is running behind in seeking attention from people hence, we are getting to see more quick-get-rich schemes kind of content for digital marketing and we are missing out on basics and the root reasons for using digital marketing to accelerate our business 


The context of the blog is to create a framework and a proper approach that might help you to start your learning journey with digital marketing 


Here are the important 7 Skills in Digital Marketing 


  1. Content Writing or Content Creation 
  2. WordPress Website Design and Development 
  3. Search Engine Optimization 
  4. Social Media Marketing 
  5. Search Engine Marketing(Google Ads and Bing Ads) 
  6. Analysis (Data, Quality, KPI, Creativity, Split Test) 
  7. Automation and Growth Hacking 


  1. Content Writing and Creation  

Content Writing (any format of content creation) has become a need of the market, not just a demand, hence in the hierarchy I am trying to explain the need for content skills 

Whenever we talk about Digital Marketing we have to quote these two words, Social Media and Search Engine  and both have got one thing in common “CONTENT”, both platforms have built their kingdom by keeping content as “KING”  

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We all play two different roles in digital marketing one as a content creators and content consumers, we seek and share so everything revolves around content, it can be  Google Search, blogs, Instagram Post, Reels, live streams, stories, statuses, vlogs, youtube videos, tweets, pins, quora questions offffff the list goes on, don’t you think its all about content 


YES!!!!!!! They are we are in the loop of content in the digital era 


We seek and share content regularly, our pleasure-pain, and need for curiosity make us trigger to think of content and we take action (Watch or Share it by creating or consuming content 


Search engines and social media are the two major segments in the digital world and both are both content with the context of the way we  

use these platforms is different but both of them give us content 


We seek information and answers results from search engine whereas social media gives us information about people and companies’ profile but both serves data in different formats 


In search engines, we go and search for some information and through that  information, we get to know about people(who have provided or written that piece of content)  whereas on social media we search for people, and because of people we get to know about the content that they’re providing on different social media platforms 


Content should be contextual and be, available in different formats to broaden its reach and make it possible to consume it hence content creation, Content Writing, video production and podcasts should be present everywhere 

The best way to start learning content creation is by start creating content, Write Blogs, and publishing, YouTubing and Podcast, all three forms of content can be created parallelly with different approaches and 

 Content creation and distribution should be your first. Step in kickstarting your journey in digital marketing. Learn how to write content. And start your content writing journey and build your authority and identity

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